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Squatters and Fly Traders

Swift action - Negotiate, repossess or evict

If you discover squatters in your premises you need to act quickly.

Both of the above are a continuing problem to property agents and commercial landlords, as are unlicensed street traders using stalls or mobile cafes.

If you discover squatters in your premises you need to act quickly as the longer they are in occupation the more damage may occur and increased levels of occupation may ensue. They will probably claim ‘Squatters Rights’ and be resistant to being evicted using the Common Law procedure.

Fly Traders appear overnight in retail premises. The same clients who instruct us to deal with travellers have found that we are equally competent at dealing with fly traders who enjoy greater protection from being evicted. Our completely lawful approach endeavours to result in their early departure but if they are claiming the protection of the law and cannot be persuaded to leave voluntarily, we can easily and quickly refer to Court action.

Our rates for Squatter/Fly Traders removal are relative to the job and a quotation can be given on request.

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